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If you finance your new townhome with CrossCountry Mortgage, Inc, you can take advantage of substantial savings

Total Value of Savings with a CCM Home Loan


Understanding the breakdown of your savings:

  • Application Fee: $995
  • Appraisal Fee (Average): $495
  • Flood Certification: $8
  • Credit Report: $25
  • HOA Document Fees (Average): $250

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$ 1,753.05
30 year fixed loan term
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* Monthly payments only include principal and loan interest and are only estimates. HOA, property taxes, insurance, and other fees may apply.

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With our streamlined refinance and purchser processes, customers can close in as few as 21 days.

Step One

We’ll work closely with you to obtain all documentation within 7 days of the date of your application, ensure that it’s complete and accurate, and submit it to loan processing for review.

Step Two

A loan processor will review your documentation within 24 hours and complete that review within 2 days of receipt. The processor will then submit your loan to underwriting.

Step Three

Your loan will be assigned to an underwriter who will complete an initial review within 24 hours. If any conditions are required, your loan will be sent back to the processor to clear them and prepare for closing — all within 7 days of the underwriter’s initial review. Once complete, the loan will be sent back to underwriting for final review and approval.

Step Four

The underwriter will issue a clear to close (CTC) and assign the loan back to the processor who will inform all parties of the CTC, verify the closing date and time, and place the loan in the closing queue. The closer will have 24 hours to provide closing documentation to the settlement agent.

Step Five

You’ll attend the closing with your agent and sign all remaining documentation.

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